Giant TigerThank You

Canada's Volunteer FireFighters would like to extend our gratitude to the team at Giant Tiger for reminding us about the great contributions and sacrifices made by Volunteer FireFighters across the country.

With their families waiting at home, every day of the year -- even on Christmas --these men and women are serving our communities: to keep us safe and to support us when we need them.

If you want to show your support to Canada's Volunteer FireFighters, please consider making a contribution in their honour below.

Giant Tiger stores are in over 240 communities across the country. Each location is locally owned or operated by members of the community. Their commitment to the community mirrors that of Canada's Volunteer FireFighters. They're local. They're friendly. They care. And they're there when you need them. 

Thank you Giant Tiger.

Canada’s Volunteer Firefighters need your support. After a destructive year of floods in the East and wildfires in the West, they've given everything they have to protect their communities. Please consider donating today to show your support for their extraordinary contribution.

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