The Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association (CVFSA) is the only national organization whose sole purpose is to represent volunteer fire and emergency first responders and volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) personnel. Since 1999, we’ve proudly supported volunteer fire and EMS departments across Canada through our advocacy, education seminars, insurance programs, web site, resources, and government representation. It is unfortunately a fact our Federal, Provincial, and most Municipal governments do not provide any financial support for CVFSA, the association that represents and supports the Volunteer Fire Departments & their Firefighters whom you rely upon in your communities across Canada.

It takes a special kind of person willing to take on the challenge of responding to life-threatening emergencies. The CVFSA is devoted to giving our nation’s volunteer fire and EMS departments everything they need to support their local fire and EMS personnel and raise awareness about their critically important role in keeping our communities safe. You can help us fulfill our mission by pledging your support today.

The costs of running this valuable organization for you are currently borne by:

MEMBERSHIP DUES – Volunteer Firefighters are not required to become members of CVFSA but many Fire Departments and individual Volunteer Firefighters are. To those departments & individuals who are not members we encourage you to join now. To those who are members, we thank you for your support.

SUPPORT FROM THOSE WHO VALUE WHAT CVFSA DOES – To date some corporations & some individuals have come forward with financial support with only our deep gratitude and thanks in return. Our thanks to you cannot be overly expressed. We could not have functioned as well without you. We invite all corporations and individuals to step forward in support of CVFSA. Telephone us, write us, e-mail us. We want your support and will be pleased to have you contact us.

BEQUESTS AND ESTATE PLANNING – Remember the CVFSA in your estate plans and ensure the voice of the volunteer continues to thrive.
MEMORIAL GIFT – Recognize a loved one who has passed away and celebrate their life and commitment to the volunteer emergency services by making a gift to the CVFSA in their memory. Specify during the donation process who the gift is in memory of and the contact information for the family, and the CVFSA will notify the family that you have made the gift in memory of their loved one.

CHARITABLE DONATION STATUS – CVFSA is now recognized as a National Canadian Charity. Registration was effective January 1, 2008 under Business Number 86606 5733 RR0001. You may check our credentials as described under `Registered Charities and the Income Tax Act`, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. When you make a donation, we will forward to you a receipt for income tax purposes.