Chief Garth McIntyre 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to bring greetings on behalf of the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association/Volunteer Firefighters of Canada.

Today I have the pleasure of presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to retired Chief Garth McIntyre of the Glenboro South Cypress Volunteer Fire Department. Garth has been married to his wife Wilda for 58 years, and together they have 3 children, one son Keith, and two daughters Marnie and Nicole.

Garth first became interested in joining the fire service while he was still the principal at Glenboro School, but when he first applied, the roster was full. A colleague, Ewart Hudson, who was a member of the Fire Department talked about the activities they would do, and that convinced Garth to apply.

Garth joined the Glenboro South Cypress Volunteer Fire Department in 1983. Garth became Chief in 1991 and retired as Deputy Chief in 2021. During Garth’s 38 years of service he had several accomplishments.

Garth became involved with the Manitoba Emergency Services College in Brandon, Manitoba as an Instructor delivering various courses to the firefighters. He became known as one of the leading names in the fire fighter training in the province. It didn’t matter where in Manitoba a person went, most firefighters knew, were taught by, or evaluated by Garth.

Over several years he was the Captain of the Vehicle Extrication Team that competed at a high level in Western Canada. Vehicle Extrication was one of his interests as an instructor.

In 2012 Garth received the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. In 2016 Garth received the Mary Beth Dolin Medal for Exemplary Service presented by the Province of Manitoba.

Garth has also been an active member of the Glenboro Canucks Baseball Team, the Kinsmen Club and the Glenboro Ambulance Service. Garth has enjoyed serving his community and working with fellow firefighters in the area.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to honour Retired Chief Garth McIntyre, and acknowledge his many contributions as a community volunteer.