CVFSA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

The 2017 “Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Lifetime Achievement Award”© has been awarded to David L. Ferguson of Cowichan Bay, BC. This is the first time this prestigious award has been awarded in British Columbia. David originally joined the Cowichan Bay Fire Department in 1981 and served a volunteer role for 27 years & 7 months. Dave rose through the ranks becoming Captain in 1986, Deputy Chief in 1987 and Fire Chief in 1999. During this time Dave responded to over 2,100 documented emergency calls. The CVFSA will fly David to Wolfville, Nova Scotia and award him his prize during their AGM & Educational Presentations at the Acadia University on September 30th. During an interview with Martin Bell, David said, “When I walked through the doors of the Cowichan Bay Volunteer Fire Department in May 1981, all I thought I was doing was joining another community service club. 27 years later I retired from active operational service, but I have continued to be a part of the fire service and currently serve as an auxiliary member in Cowichan Bay. Being a firefighter in Canada is something that has to be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated. You become a member of a team of committed individuals who give of their personal time to learn the skills needed to look after their neighbours in the event of an emergency. Little did I know how the friendships created, and the opportunities to serve the broader fire service in other ways, would impact my life, and the life of my family, in the most positive and satisfying way imaginable.”