Looking for a volunteer to fill position of

CVFSA Director for First Nations   (Vacancy Filled)

The Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association requires a National First Nations Director for the CVFSA National Board. We are looking for an energetic individual to fill the position of Board Member & Director with a good background in the ability to act as liaison with the Assembly of First Nations. The individual would be from the Aboriginal volunteer fire services and could be an Aboriginal firefighter or an officer. (volunteer or paid on call volunteer)

Selection Process – The CVFSA president will recommend to the Board of Directors who will select the candidate based on applications received. The individual must fully understand the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada and should be able to liaison with the indigenous people of Canada. Representation for this position can come from any geographic location of Canada.

Specific Skills and Qualifications Preferred – include a recognized fire training program from an accredited institution to at least a certified Level One Firefighter – NFPA 1001 (2013 standards) and Fire Officer Level One NFPA 1021 or a minimum of ten years related experience. The candidate must be a member of a First Nations community within Canada and eligible to be a  member of the CVFSA. The applicant must be an Aboriginal active volunteer firefighter within a First Nations community recognized by the Government of Canada. Preference will be given to candidates that demonstrate the following skills: A good knowledge of the fire legislation applicable to the safety of the First Nations of Canada and have good communication skills. The individual must exercise sound judgments in prioritizing and managing multiple responsibilities and conflicting deadlines. This Director should have experience in the fire service in First Nations communities and be able to present the opinions and concerns of Aboriginal firefighters and the fire service within Canada’s First Nations. They must also communicate the interests of the CVFSA in the broader community.  Critical thinking – Directors must exercise due diligence in the execution of duties to reasonably determine the validity of recommendations made to the Association and for the actions of other directors in working with external parties. The position requires a proficient knowledge of computer skills. Must be able to communicate via email, Zoom and respond with other Directors in a timely fashion. (at least 40 hours annually)  An understanding of MS Excel Worksheets would be considered an asset. We may also consider applicants who have recently retired from actively serving their volunteer fire service for at least twenty five years.

Specific Experience Preferred – Directors should have a broad experience in the volunteer firefighting community to assist in critical thinking and guidance of the CVFSA Board as it considers the strategic direction of the Association as it fulfils its responsibilities to the membership. Examples of specific experience which would be of benefit to the Board are; Consultation & Communication Experience – over the next several years it is critical that members understand the work of the CVFSA and in particular have connection with the First Nation Communities for input or direction. Leadership experience in developing stakeholder consultation and communication strategies would be an asset. Directors will submit a written annual report to the president no later than twenty one days before the annual general meeting outlining events and fire service concerns within the First Nation communities across Canada.

We are looking for a team player who will respect and will support the Board’s actions through one voice once the Board has made its decision on various directions or concerns. The National First Nations Director should be willing to actively participate in a respectful and engaged manner. The individual should be prepared to assist in the distribution of the Association’s annual Challenge Coins in support of the Association’s commitments and assist First Nation Communities interested in the “CVFSA-Municipal Long Service Award” medal program.

Remuneration – Directors serve as volunteers but are assisted with meeting expenses as per the CVFSATravel Claims Policy. Benefits include subsidized travel and lodging to select Directors’ meetings or official functions and include insurance coverage’s while traveling on official business.

Meetings – CVFSA Board meetings are normally held in March / April and September / October. Each director is required to be in attendance at the annual meeting each September,  in person and possibility an associated Director’s meeting. Directors participate in regular teleconference and Zoom conference calls monthly.

The successful candidate will be required to consent to a background check.

All appointments are made for a term of two years with year one being as a probation period. Current directors can at the end of two years reapply for an additional two years. This can be repeated till a total of six years are reached at which time the director must vacant the position unless that director has started a position within the executive.

This position shall be advertised starting October 19th 2017

We invite qualified candidates to forward their resume and cover letter to:

“Graham Pawlett” Graham.P@cvfsa.ca


“Martin Bell, CAO” Martin.B@cvfsa.ca

This position advertised on CVFSA web site, and the Facebook group, “Canadian Firefighters – CVFSA